Construction Cost Estimating Software on the Web

This site has a link to every construction estimating program we could find that's either available for free Web download or runs in a Web browser. Here’s the screen used to compile this list.

  1. Only construction estimating and job costing software (in English) qualifies.
  2. Either a free working trial version is available for Web download or the program runs in a Web browser (no slide shows).
  3. Only program developers are listed, not dealers.

Programs are listed by type of construction and title. Click on the program name to link directly to the site.

If you find a broken link or know of a program we missed, please e-mail This list was last changed on December 13, 2013.

Click on the type of estimating program you want to download:

Carpentry estimating
Craftsman Residential Steel Framing
Craftsman Framing & Finish Carpentry Estimator

Conceptual estimating
Craftsman Bulding Cost Calculator
Construction Cost Estimator (Czech\English)
Design Cost Data D4 Cost

Concrete estimating
BidScreen XL
Craftsman National Concrete & Masonry Estimator
Rock Street Concrete Takeoff

Electrical estimating
Best Estimate Pro 2
Craftsman National Electrical Estimator
Easy Bid Commercial Estimator
Estimating Solutions Australia
TurboBid Electrical Estimating

General construction
Bid4Build Construction Estimating
CPR GeneralCOST Estimator
Craftsman National Construction Estimator
EAH Estimating Systems Builder's Calculator (Australia)
EAH Estimating Systems EstiMaster (Australia)
Nomitech CostOS
Priosoft Estimating and Construction Management
Simplified Office Estimating
Taskmaster Estimating and Scheduling
WinEstimator, Inc. WinEstimator

Heavy construction
Cleopatra Enterprise Cost Estimating Software
Craftsman CD Estimator Heavy
Craftsman Earthwork & Heavy Equipment Estimator
RocTek WinEx Pro Excavation Takeoff
SiteWorx Cut and Fill Calculator

Insurance claims estimating
CPR RepairCOST Estimator
Craftsman National Renovation & Insurance Repair Estimator

Job costing
CPR JobCOST Controller
Craftsman Job Cost Wizard
Emar Designs Job Costing

Miscellaneous estimating
BidScreenXL Takeoff and Estimating
CPR PaintCOST Estimator
CPR RoofCOST Estimator
Craftsman National Painting Cost Estimator
EstiMate Suspended Ceiling Design
PlanSwift Takeoff & Estimating
On Center Software On Screen Takeoff
Ziatek Digitizer Takeoff

Plumbing, Piping, HVAC
Craftsman National Plumbing & HVAC Estimator

Repair and remodeling
CPR RemodelCOST Estimator
Craftsman National Repair & Remodeling Estimator

Residential construction
Comprotext Construction by Design
CPR HomeCOST Estimator
Digital Property CAD Estimator
Craftsman National Home Improvement Estimator
Turtle Creek Goldenseal
UDA Home Estimating